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Pharma Marketing News Vol. 16, Issue No. 2 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Pharma and Patient Advocacy Groups
Patient Centricity Finally Pays Off for Both

"Patient Centricity' is finally paying off for drug companies in a BIG way, but it has nothing to do with designing clinical trials or marketing, both of which could claim to have been patient centric for many years.

The big patient-centricity payoff for pharma is its relationship with patient advocacy groups that are recruited to lobby Congress, local governments and the FDA to support industry-friendly legislation (or defeat anti-industry legislation) and influence the FDA drug approval process.

  • The Yin Yang of Patient Advocate Groups and the Pharma Industry
  • Mobile-Enabled Patient Focus Groups
  • FDA May Establish "Office of Patient Affairs" to Capture Patient Perspectives
  • The New, Patient-Centric FDA: A Double-edged Sword
  • How Patient Advocates Make Money from Pharma with Help from Agents
  • #Pharma Turning Patients With Rare Diseases Into D.C. Lobbyists
  • 93% of Patient Advocacy Groups Included in FDA Funding Discussions Receive $ from Pharma
  • More Than Two-thirds of Patient Advocacy Groups Receive Industry Funding
  • Pharma's Rep Among Patient Groups Sinks to Near Historical Lows
  • Patient Advocate Backlash Against TV Drug Ads
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The Alternate Reality of Pharma CEOs
Their Views Regarding Drug Prices, Innovation, Taxes & Other Stuff

Pharma CEOs have been filling in what they perceive as "gaps" in the drug pricing debate. They argue that several factors are being overlooked when discussing drug pricing in the U.S. A favorite argument is that insurers and middlemen are to blame for high drug prices, not their companies.

Drug industry CEOs are also busy talking publicly about taxes, innovations, and other issues that need defending. Their arguments are highlighted in the this article.

Contents (partial list):
  • Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli
  • PhRMA Pissed That They Get No Respect
  • Kool-Aid Served Up by Allergan CEO Saunders
  • Pfizer CEO Ian Read Talks Taxes
  • Are All Pharma CEOs Martin Shkrelis?
  • Shkreli & Bresch: Pharma Sibs
  • Marathon CEO Jeff Aronin Schooled Shkreli
  • "Flip the Shkreli Narrative" Says New Bayer Leader
  • PhRMA CEO in D.C. Makes "Peace In Our Time" with Trump
  • Lilly CEO David Ricks Likes Medicare Just the Way It Is
  • "We are NOT Murders," Says Pfizer CEO Read
  • Ian Read, the Donald Trump of Pharma, Bashes Global "Freeloading" Off U.S.
  • A Canadian Strikes Back Regarding Who Innovated What First
  • Regeneron CEO Says What to Pfizer CEO Ian Read?
  • Novartis CEO Worries About Market for New Drugs After Obamacare
  • BIO CEO Says Insurers Discriminate Against Pharma
  • Acordia CEO Rips Insurance CEOS a New One!
  • Pharma CEOs Living in an "Alternate Reality" But Getting Paid Exorbitantly High Real World Salaries!
  • Some #Biotech CEOs Earned Big Increases in Compensation Even as Their Companies Tanked
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Limiting Sales Rep Access to Physicians
Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are faced with increasingly limited access to physicians. According to ZS -- a consultancy that provides research on physician access -- only 44% of physicians were considered accessible by pharma sales reps in 2016, compared to 47% in 2015, 51% in 2014, 55% in 2013 and 65% in 2012.

Why are more and more physicians limiting access to drug company sales reps?

There are many reasons, including alternate sources of information about drugs, concerns about receiving biased information, lack of time for a face-to-face interactions, etc.

A major concern -- especially of academic medical centers -- is the overprescribing of expensive brandname drugs when there are equally effective, cheaper generics available.

This article documents these concerns about the risks of sales reps as well as the benefits to physicians.

Contents (partial list):
  • #Pharma Sales Reps: Declined & Denied!
  • Restricting #Pharma Sales Rep Access to Docs Cuts Down Branded Drug Rx's
  • Allowing Pharma Sales Reps to Discuss Off- Label Drug Use Would Make Them More Helpful, Says KevinMD
  • Novartis Must Reveal Details of 79,200 "Sham" Physician Speaker Events
  • Chicago Ordinance to Require Pharma Sales Reps to be Licensed "May Be Helpful, But Has Limitations"
  • GSK's "Ethical" Sales Model: Is It a #Pharma Oxymoron?
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Vol 16, #2 Contents

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